Week 10 update

Tuesday rehearsals have a double objective now. Obviously we are aiming to get super tight for the show at Voodoo Rooms. But before that, we're going back into Leith Recording Co. to record order first EP. The idea is to still have the tracks available to stream and download, but also to have a physical release on CD as well. As of today the four tracks will be Fade To Blue, Elements, Carve Up, and The Poet's Birthday.  

Last weekend we released this wee teaser for the Voodoo Rooms gig - a cool throwback to Never to tantalise you... https://youtu.be/fsBWsVGbmKE ... enjoy!

New Video from Voicex : "The Immortals"

It's been a while since we recorded The Immortals first take last November. We mastered it on 9th December, and shot the video on the coldest day in recorded history on 13th January 2018. Last night, we dropped it on YouTube. Once again featuring Suky, it was shot by Deb Mullen, with art direction and editing by John Gallagher.

It's an amazing film-noir, sci-fi epic with flashes of Ashes To Ashes and nods to Scars and other things here and there. We're incredibly proud of it.

Now you can see it here: 

This week

Packed week. Rehearsed on Tuesday, recorded the whole set using the new recording device, which worked OK. Took a bunch of projection photos, some of which will turn up on the flyer for the May gig. Finalised the supports for the show too: Ferramoans and The Fakes. And finally the almost-final version of "The Immortals" video magically appeared in our inboxes on Saturday. It's totally beyond. Glad it's nearly out - it's been a while since we recorded it...


 Maybe the least flattering Prisma template

Maybe the least flattering Prisma template

 The ace of bass

The ace of bass

 Suky in "The Immortals" video

Suky in "The Immortals" video


We were displaced from our usual rehearsal slot for the next two weeks because we left it too late to book. So got three more dates in the calendar well in advance this time. Also need to book in an all-day rehearsal on 24th March.

Booked a day in the studio 25th March to put down the drums, bass, guide guitars and vocals for our next release which will be a 4-track EP. Likely to include Fade To Blue, Haze, Elements and The Poet's Birthday.

Filled in an application for the Meadows Festival 2&3 June. Don't know when we will hear about that.

Recording rehearsals

Recording rehearsals is useful because we usually introduce changes to the sequencing of parts or introduce new material during rehearsals. So when the equipment goes faulty or is difficult or tie-consuming to use, it's a drag. From next week we're trying out a Zoom H2N to see if it really is less hassle and better quality...